Yale School of Management


Entrepreneurship and New Ventures (MBA and EMBA)

This is the introductory course in entrepreneurship. In this course, we will not only rigorously study and discuss the attitudes, frameworks, knowledge, and skills necessary to create a new venture but we will also apply these frameworks and become entrepreneurs. During this course, students will form teams around an idea for a new venture, and the main deliverable will be a pitch deck for this venture. Each week we will cover core concepts related to entrepreneurship, such as: idea generation and evaluation, forming and testing key hypotheses, founding teams, customers, market research, financial projections, hiring and growth, and some of the general issues that new ventures face. The material in this course is designed to generalize to a variety of entrepreneurial ventures—it is not specific to region, industry, venture scalability, or profit/non-profit orientation.


Research and Theory Design (PhD)

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